The WikiTrader Software Features Of Banc De Binary and Zone Options

There are some distinct features that separate Banc de Binary from other WikiTrader Software binary options brokers. These features are important to know along with the education support and courses that are on offer. This broker offers a range of educational videos, articles on trading and an eBook with more than 50 pages of educational information that will help traders regardless of their experience and technical knowledge. All of these educational options are focused on helping traders be successful as this broker looks at customer satisfaction more than profits.

A guide provided by the WikiTrader Software company focuses on helping new traders with a number of areas. The first is to introduce the trader to binary options and how to understand the psychology of trading these options along with financial management. The guide also breaks down how to use the trading platform and analyze the market before trading. This is one of the reasons why this broker stands above all the others.

Other than the beginners guide the company offers extensive courses on a range of topics. You can find advanced trading articles and advanced market techniques along with an audio book on binary trading.

The Features Of Zone Options

Before you start trading binary options it is recommended that you have 25 GBP, USD and EUR. The maximum amount that a trader is able to trade with each day is 2000 units, but with zone options, you are able to enjoy between 60 and 80% payouts. There are some traders who have reached 360% overall payout on their investment.

Another feature of this trading is that you have the option of cancelling a trade if you see that it is starting to lose money. If you run out of money on a trade there is the option of using the and Rollover feature where you can extend the time that the option has before it expires. Using this option means that you could have a winning trade if the WikiTrader Software option turns after the original expiry time. Of course, you need to note that this is not a free option and you will have to pay between 10 to 35% of the initial investment as a fee.

However, you should note that this feature has helped traders reach 220 to 360% profit on their initial investment. This high yield profit will depend on the type of trade that you are using and will not be something that all traders achieve. You could achieve this percentage using Above/Below options or the High/Low options, boundary options and touch options.

It is recommended that only advanced traders attempt to use this feature as it can be hard to predict the results and could result in greater losses if not used correctly. While high yield offers you the largest possible return on your investment, but you have to consider the risks that also come with this.