Binary Forex Trading: Tim Stafford Beginner’s Advice


Binary trading on the foreign exchange markets is a form of investment that can earn you a lot of money. It’s not a hands-off get-rich-quick system, though! If you want to pull in consistent profits, you have to be prepared to invest plenty of time in learning how to trade wisely. The suggestions listed here can help you get started.

As you take your first steps into the deep pool of binary trading, don’t be in a hurry to start using the advanced analytical tools that expert traders rely on. These indicators can be immensely helpful, but their utility is proportional to your understanding of market fundamentals. When you’re starting out, you should concentrate on learning to understand the way currency prices shift directly.

Another factor you shouldn’t be worrying about at the start of your trading career is developing or using a consistent strategy. This, too, will come later, once you have a solid all-around understanding of the markets. No strategy is foolproof, and you should first develop the deep knowledge you’ll need to develop strategies of your own and adjust them to the changing nature of the marketplace.

Once you start seeing successful trades on your dashboard, it’s important to drill this lesson into your head: Cutting out of a trade early is not a loss. Too many novice traders ride a good position past its peak of maximum profitability; many end up turning a potential profit into a loss this way. If you cash out a position before it reaches its absolute high point, you’re not losing money, you’re just making a bit less than you would have otherwise.

To continue speaking about small-scale trading tactics, another practice you should get comfortable with is cutting your losses off short. In binary foreign exchange trading, it’s extremely rare for a negative position to reverse itself and become profitable over a longer stretch of time. Don’t ride a losing proposition down to utter ruin; learn to walk away early without looking back.

As you practice your trading skills you’ll want to keep plenty of notes. Don’t just record the trades you make. Note down things you learn either through direct observation or by reading informative resources like this article. Making a note about a useful piece of information makes it harder to forget it and easier to incorporate it into future trading strategies. You’ll also find it handy to record basic reference data (market opening times, pricing ranges, etc.) so that it’s always close at hand while you work.


The broker you choose to work with plays a large role in determining how profitable your trading career is going to be in the long term. Vet potentially brokers carefully to make sure you work with firms that have a solid reputation and offer fair terms to their traders. Also, don’t be afraid of changing brokers as your trading habits evolve. As you become more skilled you may be ready to take advantage of features and terms that weren’t useful when you first started out. To start employing them in the future, you may need to upgrade your trading account or move to a different brokerage entirely.

You shouldn’t approach binary trading with the idea that you’re going to develop a grand strategy that can guarantee you a profit in every situation. (Even more importantly, you shouldn’t expect to get such results from a master strategy that’s given – or sold – to you by someone else.) Real trading skill lies in mastering a number of different solid strategies and then cultivating enough market experience to know when each one needs to be applied.

Take steps to limit your emotional investment when you sit down to trade. It’s very tempting to follow your instincts and chase big payoffs when you’re trading with your own money. Very, very few traders find binary success by improvising and going with their guts. You need to remain rational and consider each move you make carefully, learn here if cash formula scam or not.

As you grow more experienced with binary foreign exchange trading, you should get comfortable with adversity. A lot of first-time traders can get shaken or panicky when a few of their trades start turning south. Cultivate a wider perspective and don’t get rattled when you make a bad deal. Eliminating bad trades entirely isn’t possible. Staying calm will help you minimize the number you experience and keep your ratio of profits to losses in a healthy range.

Although you might find your first binary experiences overwhelming or arbitrary, the longer you stick with the job the clearer the underlying patterns will become. Dedicate yourself to accumulating useful knowledge and you’ll start to see more and more profitable trades in your history.